The Most Convenient Way to go to Puerto Galera is by private transportation.

No rush. No hassle. You leave upon your pleasure.

A new air-conditioned Van will collect you from your hotel or Manila airport; drive through the shortest route to Batangas Port if you are taking the public ferry, or to Berberabe Beach where the private ferry is waiting to bring you to Puerto Galera.

pgtransport-4 private boat


Almost all the private ferries dock at Berberabe Beach. If you are driving your own car, click HERE to know the directions on how to go to Berberabe Beach.

The Coast Guard has disallowed night trip for Private Ferries but if you need to go to Puerto Galera night-time, please email us –

The Private Charter service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, but please note:

If, due to bad weather or other unforeseeable circumstances, it is necessary to stay in Batangas (a pretty rare occurrence), then you will be required to cover the cost of the hotel stay in Batangas.

Pick-up From Manila Airport Terminal 1

If you request that we pick you up at the airport, this is how you will find your driver:

When you come out of the arrival terminal, you cross the pavement, and on the other side there are tunnels going off to the left and right that go down to the level below. Both the tunnel on the left and on the right go down to that same level, but you should take the one on the right. When you get down you will arrive at a platform from which you will be picked up. Above, there are signs like ABCD, EFGH, IJKL and so on. Place yourself under the one that includes a “P” (for “Puerto Galera”), and keep an eye out for the driver carrying a sign with your name on it.

The image below shows what you will see when exiting international arrivals. Follow the arrow to the right to meet your driver.


Pick-up from Manila Airport Terminal 2 (Philippine Airlines)

Go outside and look for your name for pickup by our van.

Pick-up from Manila Airport Terminal 3 (Cebu Pacific)

Go outside and look for your name for pickup by our van.

The length of the trip down to Puerto Galera varies due to the traffic, but in general it takes about two hours to get to Batangas and one hour to take the boat over to Puerto Galera.


  One-Way Roundtrip
Aircon Van Only 4000.00 pesos 7600.00 pesos
Outrigger Ferry Only 4000.00 pesos 7600.00 pesos
Van and Ferry 7600.00 pesos 15000.00 pesos

For the Price quoted above, the Point of Origin is Manila or Makati and the Pointof Destination in Puerto Galera is along Sabang Area or Muelle Pier.

Please note if destination is White Beach, the private ferry will dock at Muelle Pier and guest/s will be shuttled to White Beach by Aircon Van.

Book your trip with us now. We accept credit card payment via PAYPAL.

Once payment has been made, we will send you a Voucher confirming your booking and contact details of your Driver and your Travel Assistant.

Have a Safe and Happy Trip!